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Best Posture for Home Workstations – delivered via Zoom

Best Posture via Zoom

A Best Posture for Home Workers is delivered via Zoom, the cost is €150.00.
Up to 6 learners can accommodated on a training programme.


Online Zoom Classes

In response to demand, we have developed a 1-hour training programme delivered on-line via to assist home workers set up workstations to allow best postures and enhance wellbeing.
Having completed the 60 minute training programme you will:

  • Understand why ‘sitting is the new smoking’
  • Know the elements of a good seated posture
  • Have identified your own poor postural habits
  • Understand how to improve your seated posture to enhance wellbeing
  • Know how to set up a home workstation to promote health , safety and wellbeing
  • Have identified any outstanding issues that need to be addressed

Contact for further details.
From ape to man, different postures of man

Checklist for a good seated posture

  • Hip joints at or slightly higher than knee joints
  • Sitting on sit bones
  • Feet supported
  • Spine at full length
  • Shoulders relaxed
  • Elbows hanging by sides

Do you have a good seated posture?

workplace setting for treatment

Mary Murphy demonstrating correct seating position For further information contact:
Tel: 087-2363432